New Motor Installation

 Garage Door New Motor Installation Services

The garage door motors have numerous parts, and at times one or more of them may fail down, causing the motor to not working at all or properly. The most general repairs include adjustment of photo eyes, repairing the sprockets, or replacing worn gears. Anytime the motor of your garage door stops working, call our garage door company! We can replace or repair any brand of motor on the spot, right away. Our expert technicians can fix or even install all kinds of motors, and since we are available for 24/7, you may call our garage door motor repair company anytime and any day!

If your door is becoming faulty or making squeaking, loud noises, it might be time to get it fixed. Like garage door spring, garage door motors also have a specific lifespan. This lifetime varies depending on brand, HP, maintenance, and daily use. Since most people use their garage door motors at least two times a day, the garage door motor lifetime is nearly 10 years. After that, it can become costlier to fix the parts than to replace it overall.

We use the best quality and most popular brands of motors only while carrying out a job. We use the best only because the security and safety of your house is our main concern, and when the garage door motor stops working, it may let the garage door to be manually opened, allowing anyone in your garage and perhaps your home.